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L O U   L O U    D A Y   S P A



SEAWEED BODY SCRUB                         75 MINUTES                   140

Remove impurities, smooth rough skin texture, stimulate circulation, and demineralise with this luxurious seaweed body exfoliation. Using only the finest and most mineral rich seaweeds in the world, your skin will unveil beautifully rejuvenated, hydrated, and soft. After a warm shower, enjoy a body massage using hydrating body cream. 


MINERAL SALT BODY SCRUB                 75 MINUTES                    140

Let’s stimulate circulation with a dry brush exfoliation, followed by a warm mineral salt scrub applied over your body.  After a warm shower, enjoy a body massage using a hydrating body cream. You will be left glowing from head to toe. 


STEM CELLS WRAP                                 90 MINUTES                     185

Intensive body contouring wrap. The Pevonia’s Stem Cells Wrap treats cellulite, reduces sagging skin, age spots, sun damage, unevenness, and more. Renew and de-age your body with a unique blend of argan and comfrey stem cells to contour and refine. Ready your body for intense repair for a more youthful, smoother you. Treatment is finished with a relaxing body massage with a hydrating body cream. 

Note: this treatment creates the sensation of intense heat. Do not shave or wax 48 hours prior to this treatment.


FIRM GLOW & GO                                   90 MINUTES                      185

Feel confident looking your very best with the lumafirm® Firm & Glow Body Wrap. Enriched with an exclusive combination of de-aging extracts, the latest in peptides, and an amazing liposomic technology, you will be looking youthfully radiant from head to toe. Deeply repairing, smoothing, and de-aging, this wrap leaves every inch of skin velvety soft while rendering your body visibly rejuvenated, instantly firmer, and more toned. Experience the visible difference for yourself! Treatment is finished with a relaxing body massage with a hydrating body cream.


RELAXATION MASSAGE                                                                             

30 Minutes             85                                                                    

60 Minutes            130                                                                 

90 Minutes            190


PREGNANCY MASSAGE                    60 MINUTES                    130

                                                              90 MINUTES                     190


LOMI LOMI MASSAGE                        60 MINUTES                    130

                                                               90 MINUTES                     190

 A Hawaiian massage using long, slow, soothing repetitive massage strokes for the most relaxing massage.     

REFLEXOLOGY FOOT MASSAGE       30 MINUTES                     75

A massage targeting pressure points on the feet to stimulate organs and body’s systems to relief stress and aid in better health.




HOT OIL SCALP MASSAGE                 15 MINUTES                      35

A hot nourishing oil drizzled and massaged through the hair and scalp to relieve tension and stress. 

EAR CANDLING                                    30 MINUTES                      60

A therapeutic, non-invasive treatment uses a natural bees wax candle, creating a gentle vacuum effect to draw ear wax from the ear, facial sinus and nasal passages. This treatment is ideal for relief of built-up ear wax, sinus congestion and discomfort - so calming and so relaxing!


SPOIL ME LOU                                               90 MINUTES                                        185

A 30 minute back massage, followed by a 45 minute facial and collagen eye treatment. Finished with a hot oil scalp massage and a warm herbal tea of your choice. 

LUV ME LOU x TWO                                       2 HOURS                                             480

The ultimate couples package. Starting your treatment with a warm foot bath while you enjoy a glass of champagne/herbal tea together, followed by a 60 minute relaxation massage, finished with a 45 minute hydrating facial. 

MUMMA LOU                                                 3 HOURS                                             350

Sit back and enjoy a deluxe spa pedicure whilst enjoying a herbal tea. Following your treatment with a one hour pregnancy relaxation massage and 45 minute hydrating facial. 

CREATE YOUR OWN AT LOU – Pick two, three or four of the following treatments to create your packages. Each package comes with a complementary glass of champagne/herbal tea, light refreshments and warm foot bath.


-  60 MINUTE RELAXATION MASSAGE                                  -    BODY WRAP 

-  BODY SCRUB                                                                         -    45 MINUTE LOU LOU FACIAL   

-  REFLEXOLOGY & HOT OIL SCALP  MASSAGE                               


TWO x LOU                                               TWO HOURS                                      250


THREE x LOU                                            THREE HOURS                                    375


FOUR x LOU                                              FOUR HOURS                                     510

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